Persebaya Compulsory to Fix Damage in Gelora Bung Tomo

Persebaya Compulsory to Fix Damage in Gelora Bung Tomo

The impact of damage to Gelora Bung Tomo (GBT) facility after the fans’ riot in Persebaya match against Kalteng Putra on Thursday (12/10/2017) and then quite big. This makes the Office of Youth and Sports (Dispora) Surabaya City requested that the Persebaya Surabaya to compensate for damages of the Gelora Bung Tomo Stadium facility.

Damage to facilities itself occurs because of riots involving supporters with the security. Some unscrupulous supporters who ran a lot of damage to facilities such as glass doors in the loby stadium, as well as several others.

Also visible, flares that are still lit up on the synthetic carpet run track. The riot happened after Persebaya lost 0-1 from Central Kalimantan.

“There is an agreement, so if there is damage to the user’s responsibility, therefore, Persebaya is a compensation,” said Head of Facility and Infrastructure Dispora Surabaya, Edi Santoso, Sunday (15/10/2017).

Seeing this incident, Edi claimed not to know why the cause of the chaos that caused damage. With this incident, make Persebaya hopes to make GBT as host in the round of the top 8 must disappear.

“We will evaluate why it can happen, but if the decision is still to be used or not, it is not my authority,” he said.

Seen some damage occurred on the VIP entrance glass, two glass door is broken because of blunt object throwing done by Persebaya supporters.

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