MU Players This Exceed Mourinho Expectations

MU Players This Exceed Mourinho Expectations

Manchester United (MU) coach, Jose Mourinho, said he was surprised to see Romelu Lukaku performance. He felt that Lukaku had exceeded expectations.

Mourinho believes Lukaku will boost MU productivity this season. However, after Lukaku scored an average of one goal from eight appearances, the Portuguese figure was impressed.

“I’m sure he will score more goals than when defending West Bromwich Albion or Everton, that’s logic,” said Mourinho, told Manchester Evening News. “But I do not expect him to put the ball into the opposing goal consistently in each match.”

MU spent 75 million pounds sterling to recruit Lukaku from Everton last summer. So far the Belgian has shown his worth. He only once failed to register his name on the scoreboard, namely in the game against Leicester City in the Premier League.

Contribution Lukaku bring Manchester United stuck to Manchester City with only difference in goal difference in the Premier League standings. He is also paired with Sergio Aguero and Alvaro Morata at the top of the top scorer list.

Comparison of Last Season

The Red Devils have scored 17 goals in the Premier League this season. They achieve it only from six matches or an average of 2.8 goals.

In comparison, Manchester United only produced 54 goals from 38 matches or an average of 1.4 goals. With a low fertility rate, Paul Pogba and his friends only occupy the top six standings.

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