Reason Kroos Leave Bayern Munich By Salary

Reason Kroos Leave Bayern Munich By Salary

A close friend of Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos revealed the reason for the decision to leave Bayern Munich and join Real Madrid.

Kroos, the 27-year-old midfielder has long been called one of the world’s best players, and with his partner Luka Modric, he formed a duet that became Madrid’s cornerstone of great success over the past few seasons.

Kroos’s compatriots in the German youth team and his long-time friend Stefan Reinartz have revealed the reasons that made the 2014 World Cup champions leave the Bavarians.

“Toni is my colleague and I know the full story. A little bit of money, “Reinartz told German media.

“Munchen offered Toni a new contract, and he knows how much Mario Gotze’s salary is in Munich. They are about the same age. But Bayern will not pay Toni more than 10 million euros per season. ”

“Bayern CEO Karl Heinz Rummenigge told him, ‘We will not pay you more than 10 million euros per year because you are not a world class player’.

“If you know Toni, it’s not just money. He needs trust from others. He knows that he’s a very good player, world-class. That is the decision maker. “

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